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Episode 1 - changing people's lives (1:12)

Hi. Let me ask you the question: what is a song?

  • Popular musical creation that unites people
  • Reason to be entertained
  • Way to reinforce emotions
  • Structured sounds
  • Means to wealth
  • Package to a story
  • Asset to change people’s lives

Of course, all of the answers are right! During the last 15 years, I went through all the stages of perception of what a song is, in that particular order.

Danced folk dances wearing a colourful local uniform till high-school, went out with friends and had fun in clubs as a student, cried over my first heartbreak at the sound of Depeche Mode, started making songs on crappy software for joy at 20 years old, then quit my job to make a full-time living out of music by 25, and learned that storytelling is what music really is by 27.

What about changing people’s lives? I decided to do that by turning 30. That’s in 3 months from now.

Wanna help?