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Episode 10 - equilibrium (1:26)

“Come stay at my parents’ loft to keep expenses low”, a musician friend told me.

We were at the 2nd destination of our tour. I was sleeping on the floor, Nicholas, our videographer, on the couch, and we had a camp bed for the 3rd member of the crew. And… that was the whole space - our home for 2 weeks!

That night, I could hear Nicholas breathing heavily, as he was napping on the red couch. He was always edgy. Lack of personal space and even a normal place to sleep during this trip was killing him. Plus, back pains. But we was not the kind of person to complain.

- I feel you, man. How can I help? Wanna play some music?

We jammed for a while. Started with covers, then improvised, and finally, 45-mins in, we came up with our very own riff!

Then he stopped. He looked at me with eyes wide open.

- You know… this project helps me find my equilibrium. I didn’t know I missed music so much.

5 months later, he told me that the night we made music helped him not to quit the project. That was a wise choice, because that riff we came up with that night, eventually became a beautiful song.