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Episode 11 - I'm sick of pop music (part 1) (1:14)

- So… the project goes to the trash?

I always had the feeling that Panagiotis, one of my 3 videographers, never fully believed in the project’s completion. He was a voice of pure reason from the beginning till now - for 2 whole years! We’re in a cosy cafe on a winter afternoon in Athens, Greece, and in 2 months the project will be over.

- No, man. It’s still on!

- So, what’s the plan, Tommy?

- Not quite sure. Just showing up every day, doing the work, and hoping for the best.

- So, you have no solid plan or next steps?

- I do. But everything will change once it hits the real world. So… I don’t know what’s REALLY next.

- That sounds dangerous, Tommy. Why would you go all the way to spend 2 years of your life and 10s of 1,000s of £££ on an experiment you don’t know if it’s going to be successful?

- Because simply… I’m sick of pop music. And I had to do something.

I could see it. Panagiotis was getting upset.