Ep 12.jpg

Episode 12 - what am i? (1:26)

Fur on my head. Painted forehead and nose. Dressed sharply and modern. Well-knit black vest and baggy trousers.

What am I?

More clues…

I travel often. Last night I was in London. A week ago in New York. Last month in Greece. Today, I decided to stay local; I’m in your head.

Lo and behold, I’m talking to you right now. So I’m real. But you can only imagine me. You cannot touch me, or see me. My voice is inside your head.

What the hell am I? No answer yet?

Ok. Here’s the answer: I’m your missing half.

Ancient, yet modern. Physically here, yet mentally everywhere. And nowhere. Made of dreams, yet rooted in reality.

I’m a fable of your imagination.

Unfortunately, I mean trouble. I’m here to disturb you. And the reason you might be awakened.

Sorry… You’ll thank me later.