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Episode 13 - Dear daughter (1:35)

I love Gary Numan.

Recently, I was listening to his new album. Breath-taking. I was so happy it reached the top of the UK charts! And I was deeply touched. But not because of Gary Numan's music.

I was in my room. It was midnight, my flatmate was sleeping, I was drinking red wine and enjoying Mr. Numan's music videos on YouTube. I clicked one of the related videos and…

"I'm watching the live performance of Gary Numan with his daughter, and, before getting started, he went close to her and hugged her and kissed, and they got started with the performance. I don't know why this is so touching for me. I don't know."

But suddenly I realised why. I know someone who does the same:

"They keep singing together, it's so beautiful. This reminded me of my friend Yossi Sassi, who inspired me to start this trip, and he is helping his daughter as well to get started with playing on stage and recording with his band and other professionals."

It's the sheer encouragement towards their daughters that makes me respect Gary & Yossi. They're not only successful musicians, but also humans and fathers.

Maybe when I see them, I see the future me.

"I wanna be a good father…"