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Episode 15 - My Girlfriend's Reaction To My Pitch (2:31 +Bloopers)

What’s the best way to get real information from somebody’s reaction? The answer is in the end.

We want to be featured by Kickstarter in November, and all they ask is to create interactive rewards. This is what I came up with:

- In a part of the song we’re going to have a gap where people can inject their own name or their own phrase and make it personalised. What do you think?
- Um… Ok, it’s good. Um…
- If somebody asked you to create a personalised song for somebody you love, would it be something you would like to do? If it was somebody else’s campaign, would you be interested in doing this?
- I… I think… 
- Honestly
- …Maybe.
- That’s a no. Haha.
- No, it’s a maybe. I don’t know. I need to hear it first, ok? I don’t get it. I need to hear the final product, and then maybe it’s good, you know?
- Ok, according to Penelope, what we need to do is give it a try, execute it, try things out and then, see how it’s gonna work. It sounds good in theory, but it all comes down to execution.
- Aha. Yup.

I mean, if I cannot even convince my girlfriend, how can I expect broader acceptance?

So, back to our first question: what’s the best way to get real information from somebody’s reaction? To listen closely what they really wanna say - and not what you want to hear.

Time to this it over! Thank you Penelope.