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Episode 16 - Burn The Bridges? (SOON)

It was my most profitable quarter ever.

Lecturing at Berklee & Westminster, consulting, hosting talks - plus free travel expenses, AirBnB my empty flat - goood money. Dream life, right? Not exactly. As we know, I quit Berklee, stopped consulting, gave the talks to my team, and started a tour. I needed music in my life.

However, there was one last problem before I go: I didn’t want to lose my lecturer position at Westminster. I wasn’t ready to burn the bridges completely. I had a plan.

- Chris?
- Hey Tommy, what’s up?
- I won’t be in the UK for the next semester. I’ll be touring in Greece. However, I don’t want to give up on our students.

Chis, my supervisor, knew academia inside out. He was trusting me and giving me creative flexibility. But would he accept my proposal?

I went on about teaching online, platforms to use, and my previous experience which could make it work. But it was up to him to decide.

- Sounds ambitious. I don’t see why this can’t work. We’ll just need to exchange a couple of emails with the other lecturers.

Plus, he made me a leader of the class!

To be frank, I was ready for the worst: no job security, no extra money, and losing a job I truly loved. But my remote teaching plan got accepted!

And it worked almost perfectly… Till I screwed up big time towards the end of my tour.