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Episode 17 - How I Make My Stories (1:13)

Yes! Woke up early.

Sitting at my large wooden desk.  London is foggy outside. Haven’t switched on the lights yet. Ah… Smells good. Coffee keeps me company. 

8am. Ready to draft 2 story scripts. Calm and devoted to do this. You can do this.

8.45am. First script ready.

10am. Second script not so ready.

Stuck. Talking to myself.

- You can do this. How do we start?
- Outline, as always.
- Ok. Main Idea… How I make stories!
- Smart…
- Hehe. Telling Details.
- Look around and describe what you see. Give people a sense of space.
- Yup. Foggy, coffee… Cool. Action?
- You’re talking with yourself right now, just write our conversation.
- You’re brilliant. Punchline.
- Hmmm… Tricky. Play a stupid game!
- [Playing] Punchline… punchline. Got it!
- What would I do without you, Procrastination?
- Thanks.
- Just won the game!
- Well done! Play some more!
- Nope. Gotta make the final script, record, edit it, add sound effects and upload it.
- Yeah. But what about that cat video I found?
- You got a point.