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Episode 2 - LIFE like a movie (1:18)

The place was packed with sweaty people.

They were dancing to the live music as if in ecstasy. Occasionally, they would scream a war-like cry, as if inviting friends to join and enemies to back away.

Everyone was there. I could see the barista of the cafe that had become our unofficial HQ, the 50-year-old DJ who drove us to the local celebration, the semi-drunk student who was hosting me and my filming crew in his small studio appartment. The…

- What are you doing in the corner? This is the 50-year-old DJ I was talking about.

- It’s too intense.

- What is intense?

- Have you ever felt like your life is a movie?

- Eh. No.

- That’s how I feel now. Everyone we’ve met during the last two weeks are here, dancing in this small cafe, on our last day in this city. Like a movie with a symbolic ending. As if they wish us farewell.

- This is a small place, my friend. It normal to see the same people all around.

- Oh.

Maybe life is not a movie. Maybe the movie is just in our head. However, this simple idea shaped the rest of my 2-year journey.