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Episode 3 - THE DRUM (1:03)

The crashing waves made it difficult to capture the perfect sound.

We were in Salonica, Greece, walking by the port, interviewing a well-known composer: Stathis Pahidis, whose songs have been in international competitions and #1 in the charts.

Wearing his polo t-shirt, bald, grey hair, he was full of wisdom. It was an honour that he was talking with us. And he loved our ideas and energy.

- Play one of your songs? Have you recorded any?

- Well, yeah, we have. They’re still demos, though.

- Play one. I wanna hear your ideas.

- Eh, ok…

Laptop out, volume as high as possible…


- Love the sound, especially the snare drum! Where did you record it?

- In our hotel living room. The snare drum was a wooden shelf from a room. We couldn’t find a real drum.

Heh. He loved the sound of the wooden shelf.

(What did you say about your song not being perfect yet?)

And that was not even the last surprising comment about our songs.