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Episode 4 - THE VISITORS (1:22)

I paid half of my budget and spent 9 days to get permission to film in that place.

Imagine: old Turkish baths, rays of sun coming through the ceiling holes; a beautiful place to record music. Now, picture an altar with 4 musicians seated on it. Panos, our sound technician, was trying to capture the perfect sound. 

However, we didn’t have much time, and it was our last day on the island.

- Still no good, he said.

- Let's go one more time.

Suddenly, behind Panos, a large group of people started approaching. Panos was blocking their only way in.

- Oh great. Tourists.

- We’ve rented the place, man, we gotta keep going, said Panos.

- Let them in.

Soon we were surrounded by delighted tourists filming us.

[Music, Applause]

Heh. They loved it. After 3 hours, that was the first good recording.

For some reason, I always proudly show this video to friends. It took me 1.5 years to really find out why.