Ep 5.jpg

Episode 5 - Singing cave (1:10)

“Wear your jackets, boys - it’s 20 degrees colder inside.”

From the hot summer morning into this beautiful orange cave, with a river running through it. Walking slowly on the squeaky bridges that connect the explored areas, the well-lit cave of Maaras looks like a marvellous setting from a mythical fairytale.

- Something’s flying. (That’s Panos, the sound engineer)

- That’s a bat flying…

I think the conversation went something like this:

- Let’s sing.

- Don’t know… Haven’t sung for a while.

- Gimme a sec. You’re about to sing acapella in an orange cave! Are you kidding me?

[Acapella Sweet Dreams]

Nature: you’re beautiful.

Music: you’re beautiful.

Orange cave echoing Sweet Dreams: you’re the epitome of awesome!