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Episode 6 - Stuck (1:13)

I have to make this interesting, so you can pay attention.

Sitting in my room. On my wooden picnic table, which serves as a desk, I can see my espresso cup, mocha pot, water, biscuits, lots of half-written pieces of paper scattered around. London is grey outside. But my desk lamp sheds warm light.

Stuck. With no inspiration. Talking to myself.

- How do you choose which story to tell?

- You choose whichever memory is important to you.

- How do you define important?

- Something that affected your life positively.

- Why would others care?

- Because we’re humans. We empathise.

- Haven’t people heard it all before?

- Maybe. You just got to try and make it interesting. Stories are not facts, they’re memories. You shape them and give them meaning.

I don’t know what is interesting for you. But I’ll try anyway. I’ll share my memories and tell you my story. Response will show what will survive.

I’m still stuck.