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Episode 7 - roots & passion (1:11)

Back to January 2015, London, in a glass corporate building full of musicians.

Yossi Sassi, the Israeli pioneer metal musician, was giving a talk about music innovation. See, he’s the only one in the world to have invented a guitar with two natures in one body: an electric and acoustic guitar, together. He calls it Bouzoukitara.

His curly hair and long beard disguised the face of a sweet man and father of 3. After the talk, we took a walk:

- Tommy, I wanted to talk to you about something.

- What is it?

- You have a unique advantage that you’re not using.

- Huh? What is it?

- You’re Greek. You can combine your Greekness with your existing New Wave music to create something unique. Your roots and your passion, combined.


I thought about it for a second. It sounded nice. Folk and New Wave. Back then, I couldn’t imagine that this single idea would impact the rest of my whole life.

Yossi, thank you.