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Episode 8 - I quit (0:57)

My 12-hour shift had just started.

Cloudy morning, nothing interesting happening in the NATO HQ in Mons, Belgium. As a military patrol, I was driving the police van around, wearing my orange vest, radio and gun in holster. For some weird reason, I also had mustache back then.

My assistant, Yassin, sitting next to me.

- This is not a job for you, Tommy. I mean, your beliefs are so liberate, why are you still here?

It was an untold truth that I was not a typical military policeman. In the office they knew me as ‘The Artist’.

- Don’t worry, Yassin, I quit soon.

3 months later, I resigned. After 7 years in the Greek airforce, 3 of them working for NATO in Belgium, it was the easiest decision ever. I was looking forward to becoming a free man, fully in control of my destiny.

Without this decision 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have been here to narrate... stories to you.

It’s cool that I’m here.