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Episode 9 - the most difficult question for a musician (1:12)

Moody weather gets me in the zone to create.

That’s why I loved Belgium: cloudy and cold as always. In our half-finished studio in Mouscron, open boxes and dust everywhere.

Justin, my bandmate and producer, had some exciting news to share:

- So, we got the interview in a local magazine!

- Nice! We need to tell a good story.

- You’re good at this, Tommy, you can do it. Here’s the questions, translated in English.

Started skimming through, easy ones. How did you start, what inspires you, how long have you been together, the usual.

And then there was this question… It was the most difficult question a musician has to answer.

‘How would you describe your music?’

What do you say? You’ve all been asked this question before, standing still, speechless, as if our brain has blanked out.

‘What music do you make?’ Ufff… I don’t remember the answer. ‘Depeche Mode with strong guitars’ or something. It was shit.

We had to reinvent ourselves.