Meet our hero, Tommy Darker.

Tommy left his military career behind to pursue his passion: music.

Today, he is an established academic and savvy musician in London, living his dream life.

However he is leaving again...


...To embark on a journey to Greece for 1,5 year, in any way possible. Meeting people. Experiencing local culture. Filming everything.

Mainly, playing lots of music!

But… Why?


“I don’t wanna sound like everybody else. I wanna sound like myself!”

The goal of their journey is to create a unique sound: Folkwave.

Imagine Depeche Mode and New Order meets Greek and Balkan folk.


Not everything is perfect: lack of resources, exhaustion, arguments, little personal space...

...and a dirty little secret that Tommy has told nobody about:

He's never played music with others before.


Will the heroes achieve their goal? We don’t know, Kenophania is happening as we speak.

Beware: this is real life, not fiction.